LED Panel Light Production Line

Demonstrated here is our LED panel light production line. Signcomplex operates a sophisticated workshop and an advanced assembly line which we use to produce our diverse range of products.
Our monthly production capacity has been expanded to 250,000 pieces of panel lights and 60,000 pieces of linear lighting products. The manufacturing process is performed in full compliance with ISO international quality management system requirements. We use innovative design and lean production techniques to guarantee the quality and effect of LED panel lights.

LED Panel Production Line
  • A full view of the surface mount area

LEDs are required to undergo dehumidification before use. The tension of the steel mesh is tested at regular intervals. This can ensure the thickness of the solder paste and then improve the welding performance of LEDs. We use high-speed surface mount equipment and 8-zone reflow soldering equipment to effectively guarantee the supply of our products.

  • Newly purchased surface mount machine
  • LED component testing

The assembly process is conducted in a dust-free workshop. An ionizing blower is used to remove dust from light guide plates, which allows us to effectively control the generation of black or white points in the assembly process. For the purpose of quality control, all of the products are bound to undergo a complete range of tests. The assembly line supports a daily production capacity of over 5,000 pieces, which can fully ensure our goods are timely delivered to customers.

  • LED panel light assembly line
  • A full range of quality control tests is performed in the assembly line.

Aging of all products that leave our factory can be guaranteed. The aging duration is at least 8 hours. The aging method depends on different products. We can carry out high- and low-voltage aging, impact aging, constant-brightness aging or cross aging to test our products.

  • Panel light aging test area
  • Inspection of the finished LED panels
  • OEM marking on the finished product

All products need to undergo function testing and appearance testing before packaging. This can ensure our products are fully satisfied by clientele. Custom packaging is available upon request.

  • A full view of the panel light packaging line
Finished Product Warehouse

Signcomplex’s workshop occupies an area of approximately 5,000 square meters. All materials have been registered and stored in an orderly manner. In addition we use a standardized warehouse management system to record all events and activities in the receipt, handling and storage of products and orders. At the end of every month, we make an inventory of warehouse good, which can ensure the quantity of products in our inventory is correct.

  • The manager works closed to the warehouse for fast goods coordination.
  • Our diverse range of lighting products has been classified and stacked in an orderly fashion.
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