LED Strip Production Line

Signcomplex is a globally influential LED strip manufacturer and exporter. We have implemented a strict quality management system which covers each stage of the product development and manufacturing processes.
The monthly output of LED strips has reached 700,000 square meters. Additionally, we have established a professional research and development team to satisfy the customization requirements of our clients.

LED Strip Production Line

These four high-temperature drying ovens can simultaneously accommodate 2,000 coils of LED lights for dehumidification purpose. They can avoid LED cracks resulting from moisture, thus ensuring the lifespan of LEDs and the reliability of products.

  • Drying oven

The constant-temperature SMT workshop has an area of 350 square meters. It incorporates three high-speed surface mount machines, one high-efficiency surface mount line and one reflow soldering machine. Averagely, the monthly production capacity for the LED strips reaches 350,000 meters. Our products possess consistent quality and high reliability.

  • Soldering on printed circuit boards
  • Surface mount and reflow soldering area

As a top-ranked LED strip manufacturer in the world, Signcomplex has implemented a very strict quality management system at every stage of the entire product assembly and manufacturing process. We carry out up to 20 diverse tests in the production process, and the monthly output for LED bar lights has hit 6 million meters.

  • LED strip assembly line

The manufacturing process is conducted under strict quality control. We deliver comprehensive inspections at every stage of processing. All of the products are rigorously tested to ensure their reliability and stability.

  • LED strip testing area
  • Non-waterproof LED strip quality control

This workshop covers an area of 700 square meters. It houses 80 pieces of aging racks which can go up and down. The aging duration for LED strip lights is strictly controlled within 8 hours. On average, the daily aging capacity reaches 20,000 meters.

  • 8 hours of aging test is performed on our full range of products.

All of the finished LED strips that have been tested are placed in antistatic bags and sealed automatically. This can secure the reliability of products while simultaneously improving the packaging efficiency and aesthetic properties. All of the production records are saved in our document center, which can ensure our products are identifiable and traceable to their origin.

  • The packaging of the finished products
  • LED Strip Production Line
  • LED Tube Production Line
  • Outdoor Lighting Production Line
  • Indoor Lighting Production Line
  • LED Panel Light Production Line