LED Tube Production Line

Signcomplex’s LED tube production line utilizes fully automatic equipment imported from foreign manufacturers. It efficiently performs solder paste printing, surface mounting, reflow soldering and automated optical inspection procedures in a single run. Each product completed on the line undergoes a wide variety of aging tests and quality inspection to ensure our LED light tubes are of the highest quality.

LED Tube Production Line

The high-speed SMT placement equipment is imported from overseas. It has a laser identifier that scans a reflective marker on the PC board to orient the head to the board. Precision reaches up to 0.005 mm. Both 0201 and 0402 components can be placed on this machine. Additionally we can realize automatic change of materials. The entire process is conducted under strict supervision of our QC inspectors. Each day our surface mount capacity reaches 3 million pieces.

  • Automatic print, surface mount, reflow soldering and automated optical inspection area
  • High-speed SMT placement equipment

There are 10 temperature zones available for constant-temperature soldering applications. In each temperature zone, we perform constant-temperature testing once every two hours, thus ensuring our devices are soldered at the same temperature. Testing on each and every product can comply with the industry related standard.

  • Reflow oven

A high-precision automated optical inspection system is employed to accomplish a comprehensive range of testes on every product, whereby a camera scans over the parts under test.

  • AOI defect inspection

Fully automatic wave soldering is a process used to measure the density of high- and low-peak values in an automated mode. Zero-defect soldering is performed on through-hole components. The daily production capacity reaches 4 million points.

  • Through-hole PCB assembly process
  • Post-soldering area

The semi-automatic assembly line executes a standard operating procedure. The adoption of IPQC (Input Process Quality Control) can ensure every manufacturing operation meets industry related standard. Each day we can assemble 50,000 pieces of finished products.

  • LED tube assembly line

The automatic aging line can accomplish a wide range of operations, such as high- and low-temperature aging, impact aging, and integrated aging under various simulated environments. The fully automatic aging line can process over 100,000 pieces of LED tubes each day.

  • Two LED tube aging test lines

After aging has been completed, the finished products will undergo a full range of tests and await delivery. We need to recheck whether the product has any quality defect.

  • Finished product testing
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